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We are currently changing the store up a bit to be more open and light. I love black but the whole building was black inside and out- just a bit too much black for my liking. We decided to paint the walls APCO colour 'silver queen' which made a huge difference, however one of the walls needed something to give it a lift. I grabbed a bunch of old school beer crates from my parents shed to crate (excuse the pun) some interest on the wall. A wallpaper sample from aspiring walls ashford tropics collection inspired the colour palette for the crates and sparked the idea to use them as a shelf to display all of our wallpaper accessories.  

So I started off by giving the crates a water blast because wholey heck they stunk- I would hate to know what had been living in them, then left them to dry for a few days outside.


Using a mask (safety first) I sanded them with 100 grit sand paper then finished with 180 grit.  I wasn't to fussy about making the crates to be baby bum smooth as i wanted to leave them a bit rustic without being too shabby chic rustic if that makes sense? I then primed them all over with APCO AQUAprep using a paint brush. I then masked the crates so i could paint the inside first- which proved to be quite time consuming. I painted the inside with two coats (allowing to dry in between) then painted the outside. I then cut the wallpaper to fit the not so straight crate, and stuck it down with some wallpaper paste.

It cost me next to nothing to do the crates up and was really rewarding to see the end product. I think the crates are more useful now than what their original purpose was for- sorry beer drinkers. 

If you have a crate lying around i highly recommend you give this a go!

Colours used: APCO colour 'dusk blue' and APCO pink 8715. Other crate colours- APCO olive green and APCO pink 8715. Wall colour is deep sea blue.







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