The general rule of thumb when buying wallpaper is that you will get 4 drops per roll with no pattern match and 3 drops per roll for a pattern match with a 2.4 stud height. 

Always allow one extra roll than estimated.

If you are unsure of how many rolls you would need feel free to drop us a line at sales@thepaintpotltd.co.nz otherwise phone 06 3688099

Recommended paste

Use the right products for the right results when you are hanging wallpaper. First, read the instructions on the label of the wallpaper you have purchased, and on the packaging of the accessory product; then follow the recommended mix ratios and the directions carefully.

Paste the wallpaper requires so ezy wallpaper paste. This paste can be diluted with double the amount of water as you would use for paste for sizing.

Paste the paper wallpaper requires is Shurstik paste and Shurstik size. 

Handy hint:

Your paste should be as thick as porridge and your paste should be watery.