How to care for wallpaper

Check the roll label

Care instructions depend upon the type of wallcovering you have. This information is on the roll label, using words such as ‘washable’, ‘scrubbable’ or ‘delicate’.

Most modern wallcoverings have an easy-care vinyl coating which is designed to withstand normal day-to-day activities, but some are designed for their aesthetic value only and need to be treated accordingly.


Wash with warm water, soap, and a soft sponge


Wash with warm water, soap, and a soft brush

Delicate or non-washable wallpaper

Clean, when necessary, with a drycleaning sponge or a drycleaning eraser; test a small inconspicuous piece first.


‘Paintable’ wallcoverings

When painted, clean, when necessary, according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.


Washing guide

For best results:

  1. Wash from the bottom of the paper up to avoid dirty water running down the face of the wallpaper. Take care not to over-wet the surface of the paper.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water.
  3. Blot dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleansers or scrubbers, products containing bleach, or solvents of any kind.


Stains and marks

Any stains and marks should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any possible reaction between the stain and the wallpaper. If a mark remains on the wallpaper too long, permanent discoloration may result.
Dirt spots
Ordinary dirt spots can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Blot wallpaper dry with a soft lint-free towel.
Difficult stains
For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, using a stronger detergent is recommended. However, try an inconspicuous spot first before attempting the entire wall. Always rinse carefully with a clean sponge after applying a detergent.


Crayon, felt pen, lipstick and biro marks

One old-and-tried tip to remove crayon, felt pen, lipstick and ballpoint pen – but only from smooth-surfaced papers – is to lightly spray the mark with an aerosol hairspray, and then gently wipe off, with a soft toothbrush.

Rinse with clean warm water – be careful not to over-wet the surface of the paper – and blot dry with a soft cloth.


Avoid abrasive cleaning

Take care not to over-wet the surface of the paper. Avoid abrasive rubbing of spots so discoloration cannot appear.

Do not use steel wool or powdered cleaners, or active solvent-type preparations, such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers, because they may damage the wallpaper.